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TEDDY has found his furrytail ending!

Oh boy, have we been busy! We've fallen a bit behind on our adoption announcements, but let's remedy that now, because we have LOTS to catch you all up on.

Teddy created quite a stir with his unique looks and endearing personality. (I must admit that I schemed to sneak him into my place, but my husband believes there's such a thing as 'enough dogs'?!? Whatever.) Along came Chris though, who welcomed Teddy into his family. Now Chris already had another unusual dog of his own, Peanut. Can you imagine gorgeous Teddy and a Pug x Beagle strolling through the neighbourhood together? Traffic-stopping doesn't even begin to describe the sight!

We thank Teddy's foster Mum, Rebecca for taking such good care of him. (We know how many times the thought crossed your mind to keep him!)

Happy furrytail ending, Teddy!

Teddys are everyone's favourite childhood toy. In some cases, just like this, it's not only the young ones that fall in love with Teddy, but people of all ages. ​You see, Teddys like me are lovable, squishy and smooshy. Yup, just one big love bug. We love cuddles and pats and are always cheery, so with one cuddle and a flash of my trademark smile, your frown is guaranteed to be turned upside down.

Teddys also love everyone....well, almost everyone. And true to my name, I'm great with people of all ages as well as other dogs and even cats! There's one exception however. Maybe I had a bad experience at Oktoberfest or are a bad schnitzel once or something, but I seem to have an aversion to German Shepherds. Apart from that, though, I'll definitely need to share my home with another lovable goofball dog like myself. I would think they should be close to my size so I don't know them around too much. Big Teddys can get a little over-excited sometimes!

Because I love company so much, I don't like being left alone for long periods of time. I'll happily stay in fences of at least 5ft if I have my doggy mates with me but, if I'm left alone, I may try to dig out to find some new friends. Dig-proof fences should put a stop to that. I'd also like as many walks as possible please. There's too much awesomeness here not to be shared around with my adoring public.

Teddys can sometimes be there to comfort you, but sometimes we have things that scare us too. Just like my mate, Ted (who is famous ya know - has his own movie and everything!), I don't like storms either. He taught me a great song to sing when the thunder starts so I'll teach it to you if you agree to be my thunder buddy. I must be allowed to be inside with you - and likely on you - if it gets too scary. But, apart from that, I'm pretty cruisy.

Everyone needs a Teddy in their life and I'd like to be yours. As long as you can give me what I need to be happy, then I promise I'll do the same for you.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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