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MOSCATO has found her furrytail ending!!

Our first adoption of the year was this stunning young lady. Moscato landed on her feet not once, but twice...first with outstanding Foster Mum, Teresa and then in her amazing forever home with new Mum, Kim!

The little girl who was never reclaimed from the pound is now living the a water baby who goes stand-up paddle boarding with her new Mummy. She takes her new best friend with her too - a handsome Husky boy named Foil. So if you see two Huskies out on the water, we have a pretty good idea who they'll be!

Happy furrytail ending, Moscato!

Oh Hai! You come to play with me? 'Cos that's what I want to do allllll the time! Play wrestle with my foster brother, play zoomie with the dogs at the park, play with the toys at home that got good hidden in 'em and play catch with the squeaky balls with Foster Mum. I just wanna play lots and, if you don't wanna, that's ok 'cos I'll bug you till you give in!

My Foster Mum is the best! She's teaching me how to do lots of cool stuff like tricks and how to sleep in a crate. And she's also taking me with my foster bro to the coolest place ever, called Wolfhouse, where I get to play and run and swim, and learn how to play nice with other dogs without being a pushy they tell me anyway. I still got lots of learnin' to do - I'm a smart cookie and just need an outlet for all that energy I got goin' on!

I went for an adventure one day and got lost. The doggy policeman took me to a pound and my people never came and got me, so SHAMROQ are helping me find my new forever people.

I reckon I'll need people who have had a Husky before and know what they're getting. Yeah, I'm little and cute and stuff, but a real firecracker!! I like to jump high and try catching the birds or jumping on the outdoor table mid-zoomie so I'll need 6ft fences with no gaps underneath that my little self can squeeze through.

I'm inside most of the time when I'm home and learning to be a good girl so I'll need people who will let me inside lots, especially at night. I'm also gonna need a new brother of the fur kind. One who can keep up with me and who'll wrestle with me lots. Otherwise I'm just gonna keep pestering them. I met other girls and they're ok, but I tend to bully them a little bit at home. No little pets at all ' type of playing with them doesn't end well.

My people need to be energizer bunnies like me. I love to go walkies and on runs and in the car to go other places for walkies or runs or swims. I might like to wanna try sledding or something fun like that too. I don't think I'd be any good with little people...only 'cos they like to hold food and toys right where I can reach them...everything is for me, right?

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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