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CHLOE has found her furrytail ending!!

Oh Chloe! Have you been in the fish pond AGAIN? The one with the fence around it that's supposed to keep inquisitive pups out?

We warned her adoptive family that, as a 10-month-old, Chloe still displays puppy behaviours like chewing up thongs and digging up pot plants. They weren't bothered, since all that was still pretty fresh in their heads. You see, Natalie and her family adopted one of our Disney babies, Bagheera, earlier this year!

So off to Cairns flew our Chloe to meet her new best friend and partner in crime, Baggy (who really has grown into a clone of him Mum, formerly Lilo, now Storm). The two have become as thick as theives and would be lost without each other.

Out thanks go to Scott & Jeff for fostering Chloe (and sacrificing thongs and pot plants!)

Happy furrytail ending, Chloe!

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