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ADA (now Amber) has found her furrytail ending!!

Congratulations to Rob, Cate & Sam on their adoption of Ada (now Amber).

Big thanks to Rob & Lisa who were kind enough to open their home to her during her time as a SHAMROQ kid.

Happy furrytail ending, Amber!!

You can always tell when the SHAMROQ profile-writer is lost for words - they resort to Urban Dictionary. Well, yes, I am a girl who will leave you lost for words and once again, Urban Dictionary proves to be some sort of oracle!

The online website of witty wisdom tells us that Ada is a word used to describe a sexy vixen who is usually bitingly witty and hard to catch. We've also found out that it's apparently Nigerian for 'first daughter'. Everyone knows how trustworthy those Nigerians can be, especially if you have a Prince contact you to help him win back his rightful place on the throne so you can then become his Queen and bathe in riches! Ok, back to this being about me...

One look at my profile and the inner vixen jumps out at you. My features are a mixture and fox and wolf-like but, as with all of us gorgeous creatures, with great looks come great responsibility! I'm a Husky, so the hard-to-catch comment is really a no-brainer.

We are not off-lead dogs and shouldn't be trusted in un-fenced areas but that's just part of Husky 101 really. At home I'll need fences of 6ft in height with no gaps underneath that allow digging out. The fences are of course important, but I'll be taking more notice of how comfy the lounge is because that's where I choose to spend 95% of my time inside where all pending Nigerian Queens belong.

Bitingly refers to my quick wit, which at times may cause offence. I'm social with other dogs yet seem more comfortable and relaxed among those of my own arctic heritage. I don't appreciate other dogs in my face and invading my bubble, which is when my low toned warning growl may cause that offence. I'm currently an only-dog or 'first daughter' in my foster home and, as long as my people were to be home a large proportion of the time, then I'd also settle for that family situation.

I do love my food and don't appreciate sharing it, so I'll need to be fed separate from other dogs. Any children in the home should be dog-savvy and no younger than teenage. I have not yet had the pocket pet and small dog test but, true to my breed, they are likely to be something I'm not compatible with.

I enjoy a daily jaunt around the neighbourhood - they say 10,000 steps are the aim, after all! The dog park is also where I like to catch up with my friends and find out the goss. Doggy catch-ups are fun but, at the end of the day, it's my people that rock my world. I'm one of those dogs that yearn to be one of the family and included in family life.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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