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AZZY (now Jazzy) has found his furrytail ending!

After four foster-failures in September, we finally widened our circles and adopted to someone new! Yaaaaaay!!

So we made the SHAMROQ family a little bigger by welcoming Matt & Tania and their dog, Willow. These guys have adopted Azzy and, while initially they may have wondered what on earth they had gotten themselves into with this nutty fellow, they now describe their new addition as 'perfect and a big softie'. He has a new name to celebrate his adoption too. Please meet the one and only Jazzy Jeff!

Big thanks go to Sarah & family for, as always, providing the very best foster care. It's taken us a few years, but we've finally forgiven Sarah for adopting one of our dogs herself and renaming him Mushroom....hmmm...good foster carers are hard to find, so all is forgiven!

We look forward to updates on the adventures of Jazzy & Willow.

Happy furrytail ending, Jazzy!

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