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INDIGO has found her furrytail ending!

Lucky Indigo has gone to live with her new Mum, Nerolie, in NSW. (Indie may or may not be gloating today about originally being a Queenslander, post-State of Origin!)

As always, we are grateful to our foster carers, Lisa and Rob, who took such wonderful care of Indigo during her time as a SHAMROQ kid. We must also acknowledge her sponsors, the ever-generous Sonya & Chris, who have helped so many of our dogs!

Happy furrytail ending, Indigo!

Hello? Are you listening to me? Yes, yes I know you are still caught up in my baby blues. But please listen carefully as there is much to learn. Indigo is my name, the ladies at the vet clinic called me that after the shade of my eyes. Speaking of eyes, they are just about all you will get from Husky heritage, the rest of me is all long coated, typical female Malamute diva! It is possible in the past that I lived with a small dog. In foster care, I haven’t been so willing to share my home with other dogs. At first, I am all grumbly and really don’t seem that keen to make friends. After a while though with some patience and baby steps I may accept another fur brother or sister. This could take time and there is no guarantee, so a single dog life is the best option for me. I have seen those things you call cats and I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. So I could learn to live with one of those, but you would need to be able to separate us and keep us apart if introductions did not go well.

The diva in me is ok to hang outside when I need to go out, but I must have access to indoors pretty much all of the time. Try to kick me out and I will make sure all of the neighbours know how hard done by I am. Walks and trips out and about are good, but otherwise I am happy to try out each of my favourite sleeping positions around the home. My fences should be at least 5ft, sturdy and have no gaps underneath to dig under. I will only try to get out though if you have left me and I need to go find you. I love people of all shapes and sizes, and could live with anyone from children to an older couple looking for a less active arctic. As with all dogs, children need to be supervised in my presence and since I will be inside more often than not, they should know not to bug me when I just want to laze around. The other thing you must be able to handle is a brush. This woolly coat may look impressive, but it comes with a lot of grooming responsibility! With these stunning looks, comes great responsibility! I will only settle for the perfect home that can provide all my demands and desires.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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