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CHEEZEL has found his furrytail ending!

Congrats to Cheezel who has found his forever home with Sarah & her rescue dog, Misty. Thank you to the Morales family who did such a fantastic job of taking care of Cheezel while was in foster care with them.

Our gratitude also goes to Sonya & Chris, whose generous and unwavering support as sponsors has played a part in the journeys of so many SHAMROQ dogs.

Happy furrytail ending, Cheezel!

Just like my namesake,I'm everyone's favourite and a little bit cheesy :) No-one can resist a Cheezel!!! And my guess is you won't be able to either.

I'm just a whippersnapper and, at only just 1 year old, I'm a bundle of energy and excitement. I currently live with a little female Husky and at first my rough boy style of play was a bit of a shock to her, but now she understands the art of bitey-face war and it's game on!

I'll need another doggy companion at home who can match me in the rough and tumble play stakes. I have met small dogs at the dog park, but at home I think it's best that my mate is medium-sized or larger. I haven't met any pocket pets, so it's best to be cautious and avoid those.

Whilst there are no little people in my foster home, I have met some out and about and been very gentle in their company. It goes without saying though that any interactions should be supervised and I should be fed separately and left alone while eating. Being only young, I'm still learning manners and would benefit from ongoing training. As a start, Foster Mum has already got me working on sit, shake and drop with the aid of yummy treats.

Although I'm adaptable, I'm quite fond of my current daily routine which consists of a morning walk, and afternoon dog park visit with weekend trips to the beach. I'd like a family who can offer me that special place in the pack - the one where I'm included in family activities and have my very own bed inside at night. My fences should be at least 5ft and secure, but I haven't shown any Houdini-like escape talents.

I'm on the lookout for my happy ever after and I have my whole life ahead of me!!

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