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FANTA has found his furrytail ending!

You'd all be very familiar with Fanta's story by now, but let's recap. He went on trial with Ben, Katie, Isabella and their German Shepherd, Anna only a few days before Christmas. Imagine our shock to be woken with a phone call on Christmas Eve to say that Fanta had been seen running down the road with several other dogs, before being hit by a truck. It soon became evident that it had been somebody's idea of a joke to open gates and let the neighbourhood dogs out. Things were touch and go for Fanta initially and while we were saddened that we could not save his leg, our cheeky little redhead fighter was alive. After several days of hospitalisation and professional care from the staff at Queensland Veterinary Specialists, Fanta was allowed to rejoin his very relieved family, minus a hind leg. Since their trial period had been interrupted by Fanta's stay at the emergency vet, we extended the trial to ensure that he and his family were happy and settled together. To be honest, we needn't have bothered! Ben & Katie have been impressively committed to Fanta from Day 1 of their trial and there was never any doubt that he would have a loving family waiting for him once he was ready to come home. Thank you to all of you who donated towards Fanta's surgery and aftercare and kept him in your thoughts. Thank you also to his foster Mum, Teresa, who as always, was an absolute star in caring for him while he was waiting for his forever home to come along. Something so tiny and insignificant as the loss of a limb can't keep our handsome man down. He's running around like he hasn't noticed anything's different! You can keep updated on his progress over at The Adventures of Anna & Fanta.

Happy furrytail ending, Fanta!

Well there's no denying it and we might as well just get straight to the point - like my namesake I'm a fruit! Ha ha but in a good way, of course! Just be ready for some all-out, good old-fashioned Husky-type fun!​

You see, I have 3 settings:

#1 Asleep at night in my very own inside bed;

#2 Just awake and powering up for...

#3 Playtime at full speed!

Play is never fun on your own, and I have a Husky foster bro who is the Yin to my Yang...the Beavis to my Butthead. For that reason, I must have a medium to large canine brother or sister who can match my energy levels and enjoy rough-housing with me. In saying that though, I like to think everything is fair game, so be sure to feed us separately and, if there are toys, then my doggy sibling must be ok with my need to play with them too.

I haven't been around cats or small dogs so, in the interest of their safety, my new home should be free of those. I love people though, just as much as I love other bigger doggies, but given my energy levels any children in the home should be school-aged or older in case I get carried away and jump up to say Hi. My people should also follow the theme of being energetic - a daily walk or run is high on my priority list! I haven't shown any escape tendencies in my foster home and have been content within standard 6ft fences.

I was a stray found wandering around a rural area, and no-one came for me. But everything happens for a reason and that has meant I can now find my perfect forever home. Are you that active and adventurous family with room for one more part full-speed Husky and part slightly-oversized lap dog?

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