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KHODA has found his furrytail ending!

It's a common story here at SHAMROQ for carers to fall for their foster dogs, have you noticed? July is alllll about the foster-failures (which of course we consider successes!) First cab off the rank is our ginger ninja, Khoda.

After a preliminary stay with the Butner-Johnson family, Khoda went to hang out with new foster carers Amber & Matt and their lovely little Husky lass, Lilo. It wasn't long before they realised that His Royal Gingernut had smooched his way into all their hearts and they couldn't bear the thought of letting him go. So it is with much excitement that we announce that he's staying put!

Happy furrytail ending. Khoda!

May I have your attention please ladies and gentlemen, may you lend me your ears. I would like to formally introduce myself as Khoda, descendent of the canine royals of Siberia. I am the furry equivalent to the royal you may know as Prince Harry. Like Prince Harry, it is time that I spread my ginger proverbial wings and find my place in the world to complete my own family. I am young and fun, a bit of a party prince. I do love the ladies, especially if they can keep up with me and play my games. Male wingmen are important too though, so I could settle for either a dog brother or sister in my new home, as long as they aren’t of the small variety. That would mean no cats too.

I am used to a life of privilege though, so I like to be able to eat my food alone, and not with any other dogs nearby.

At times, us party boys do need to be kept under control, as the idea of what fun lies outside for us can be a bit too tempting. I have had the odd escape in the past, where my actions has brought shame to myself and my family, but with 6ft fencing that is not able to be dug out under, that should be easily avoided. Public figures, such as me must be kept in shape, and I do enjoy physical activity. Walks, runs and swims are my favourites, all whilst on lead though of course. Like Prince Harry, I do enjoy my visits with children, especially the ones who are school aged or older and can play with me. Actually, I like to be around people as much as I possibly can and will not accept being home left alone without either people home or a doggy companion. Therefore, you must let me inside with you when you are home, and to sleep too. That will keep those small, enticing night time creatures safe also. It is time for this Bachelor Party Prince to settle down and start life with a new family.

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