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CHASE has found his furrytail ending!

Congrats to Brooke & Jerome, who have welcomed handsome addition, Chase to their family! Who could have foreseen that his new best buddy would be their little Silky Terrier x Chihuahua girl? The hero(ine) in Chase's story is without a doubt, his foster Mum, Tina. After his young owner passed away, Chase found himself in the pound. Even in his adoption photos, his sadn...ess and confusion was palpable, but Tina's love and dedication were the things that helped him heal. As everyone knows, there is no time limit for how long our dogs stay in foster care. They simply stay until the right people come along to adopt. Chase spent a whopping 13 months with us, but we are so grateful for the care that Tina provided and also of course, that Brooke & Jerome found our beautiful boy at last. We were blessed to have Chase's vet care sponsored by the Heremia-Tarau furbabies during his stay with us.

Happy furrytail ending, Chase!

StartFragmentLike the tiny fleck of colour in my beautiful eyes, every cloud has a silver lining. Though I have known sadness when I tragically lost my young master to illness, the good folk at SHAMROQ are helping me to find someone for me to lavish all my love upon. I’m apparently Husky x Kelpie, but check me out…if there is in fact any Kelpie in me at all, it’s just a smidge! My personality is all Husky, thank you very much. I was raised as the only dog in the household, but have been in foster care with two other dogs. Therefore, I’d be happy in a home either on my own or with doggy companions after careful introduction. (You’ll just need to take care to feed us separately, as I don’t like to share my food.) Surprisingly, I’ve even made friends with my foster Grandma’s Pomeranian! Cats, on the other hand…I just can’t get past how delicious they smell, so we’re never going to be buddies. Any kids in my new home should be aged 10+. Keen to be part of the family’s day-to-day activities, I love walks, especially beach adventures where I can get my toes wet. 30 minute jaunts a few times a week are sufficient at my age to keep me happy and healthy. I was carrying quite a lot of extra weight, but my foster Mum has been helping me trim down. Sturdy fencing of 4ft or higher is sufficient for me to remain safe and secure in your yard. I need a confident, patient owner who only uses positive reinforcement. Treats and belly rubs are my currency, so please use those to train me rather than yelling or punishment. I pick things up quite quickly and I love a chat. EndFragment


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