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CALI has found her furrytail ending!

You know what happens a little while after you adopt one SHAMROQ Husky? Why, you then go and adopt another one!! Mark and Michelle foster-failed with a little Husky boy named Laser a while back, and decided it was time to get him a friend. Up popped Cali's adoption profile and the match was clearly there right on the computer screen!... Cali and Laser are now best of friends and even happily sharing the affection of Mum and Dad!

Happy furrytail ending Cali!

StartFragmentAhhh Urban Dictionary. A source of endless entertainment and humour. You are always bound to find something there that rings true…. Here is what is says for my name Cali – “A name for girl that is perfect for any guy. They tend to have good humour and are very athletic. Most "Cali's" have blonde hair. Can be very beautiful. They are also warm hearted and super caring.” Well it is not far from the mark there. Beautiful and blue eyed I am, but not really blonde – more of a wolf grey. I am perfect for any guy, any male medium to large dog that needs an energetic husky sister sidekick that is. I am not picky though, a friendly female would suit me too, just as long as they are big enough to handle me and not of the small pocket sized type, so not cats either please. I am quite athletic; I love a good round of bitey face and doggy wrestling. I would love as many walks as you can dish out. The more you give, the happier I am. Hell, just take me everywhere with you, wherever the action is, is where I want to be. Yup, warm hearted sounds like me too. I love my people. I have been around young children, but never unsupervised as their food is generally at the right height for me to steal and claim. I would be better suited to older children who can withstand my strength in a game of tug of war or a young couple whose dogs are their furkids. I must have a home where I am not left alone for long periods of time and can come in and catch up on what’s happening in the Bay at night time. I really do need to know who killed Charlotte! If I am left alone too long with no company, I will sing for the neighbours and ask them to come play. I do like my yard time too though – a big yard to run and play with my kongs and indestructible balls would be the ultimate! The fences should be 5 to 6ft high and secure, with no big gaps underneath. I have been shown how to be obedient, and I try very hard. With some treats I can do the basics, but the temptation to run and explore when off lead is too great. Only in a fenced area should I be trusted. That is a husky thing after all though. If we do go to the Dog Park, I am better to play with big dogs my own size, those little things are a bit bossy for my liking. EndFragment


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