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BRANDY has found her furrytail ending!

As you may recall, we rescued Brandy last year after we saw her pound photo and recognised her as the mother of a litter of puppies being sold on Facebook around the same time. Things soon turned around for our young Mum when she went into foster care with Melinda and her family and gained a playmate in the form of their Husky boy, Diesel. They have now taken the plunge and officially made Brandy part of their household permanently. Thank you to her generous sponsors, Michaela & Keesha.

Happy furrytail ending, Brandy!


Why do they call me Brandy, you might ask? Because I make you feel warm and fuzzy, that’s why! Intoxicating by name and by nature, I’m ready and waiting for my new family to find me. My journey to rescue began when I found myself in the pound after the last of my puppies had been sold. As you can imagine, this was no place for a still-lactating Mama and I was grateful for the good fortune of a loving foster home to go to instead. It was here that I came out of my shell and allowed my little light to shine. A confident and intelligent girl, I quickly picked up basic obedience and can demonstrate my understanding of commands such as come, sit, drop and stay. Treats and praise reinforce these behaviours, of course, so feel free to continue training me! Watch me master the agility course at the dog park and you’ll start questioning yourself about whether I’m actually a Husky at all.

Although a petite and fine-boned little creature, I’m the proverbial pocket rocket – deceptively strong, full of energy and raring to go. I reckon that if given the chance, I’d not only look super-cute in a sledding harness, but I’d leave some bigger dogs eating my dust. I’m a dog park regular, assertive but social with my playmates. Whilst I have no issue with smaller dogs, I prefer those my own size and larger. My new home should have a friendly dog similar in age and energy level, who enjoys typical Husky pastimes such as playfighting and games of chasey. Somewhat of a tomboy, I’m not the gentle little petal that I appear, as I can keep up with the rough play of the big boys and hold my own. I enjoy ball play and even playing on the trampoline. My foster family has primary school aged kids and though I adore them, I have some trouble remembering not to jump on them when I’m excited. Friendly and playful, I wouldn’t ever hurt a child on purpose, but may knock littlies over in my enthusiasm. I have not had anything to do with cats but with my demonstrated speed and agility, that’s probably a good thing. Small and nimble, I’ll need fencing of a minimum of 5ft and with no gaps that I could squeeze through. I’m housetrained and will happily spend time both inside and out, as I enjoy being wherever you are. For this reason, I especially love car trips and outings.

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