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MILA has found her furrytail ending!

Blink and you will have missed her! Mila's profile was published on our page and we were immediately inundated with applications. We were spoiled for choice too, but we felt that Kristi and her Dalmatian, Monty were going to be the perfect fit. (Monty 'n' Mila...they even sound like a match, right?) Turns out that we were spot-on and Mila has made herself very much at ...home.

We are very grateful to foster parents, Dan & Jessica, who took such wonderful care of our girl. This was definitely one of those cases where we expected foster-failure might be imminent...Mila is such a special young lady! But to their credit, they let her go to her new home with tears of happiness in their eyes. Thank you also to the Kuhn family and Theresa Gatica for their sponsorship of Mila's time with us.

Happy furrytail ending, Mila!


OK, you can stop looking. You may have just found exactly what you were looking for…especially if you were searching for a good all-rounder. It’s true, darlings…I have it all. Looks, brains, personality. What more could you ask for? The name is Mila. Let me tell you a little bit about me - apart from the fact that I’m a bit of a stunner, since you can see that for yourself. If you haven’t had a Malamute in your life before, never fear. I can show you the ropes since I’d be suitable for either beginners or breed experienced owners.

Got kids? Fine with me. Tolerance, patience and a gentle manner are all at the top of my list of many attractive attributes. My foster family have a 2 year old, so I’ve been getting plenty of toddler practice. Hmmm, so you want to know more about my temperament. Okey doke.

My foster parents say that I’m calm, relaxed, well behaved and happy. I’m quiet for a Mal…not much of a talker, but just happy to follow you around and be your shadow. Human attention is what I live for and I like to be inside with you where I can show off how beautifully housetrained I am. However, I’ll stay outside with no problems if you need to go out for a while and 5ft fences will be sufficient to keep me safely inside the yard while you’re gone. Mind you, I’m fine in the car if you want me to come with. A home with existing dogs would be welcome, since I’m a regular at the dog park and a bit of a social butterfly. I’d do best with a male doggy companion or two please, as that’s what I’m used to. Alternatively, I’d be fine on my own as the centre of your universe, if you don’t have any other dogs. Cats and possums look enticingly like a moving feast however, so there should be no pocket pets in my new home. Smarter than your average bear, I already have basic obedience for you to build upon and I respond to commands like ‘sit’ and ‘outside’. I love my treats, which always helps with training and I can be bribed to do any number of things with the lure of good things to eat, pats and positive reinforcement. While I’m by no means an elite athlete, I do enjoy my walks as a way of getting out and about and stretching my legs. Currently, I’m going for an hour long stroll about four times a week and that suits me just fine.

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