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DIVA & DYNAMO have found their furrytail ending!

Many of you will remember this pair from our desperate calls for foster care for them as their euthanasia date approached at a regional pound. Were it not for the last-minute offer of temporary care from Brad & Megan, Diva & Dynamo's story would have sadly ended then and there. Thankfully, we got them to safety and set to searching for a foster home that could take them longer-term. It was around this time that Sean & Lisa approached us to enquire about fostering. They had put their names on a waiting list with a registered Malamute breeder, who was planning a long-awaited litter at the end of the year. They thought that they could fill in some waiting time by fostering and therefore preparing themselves for what was to come. A pair of senior Mals seemed like a safe way to dabble their toes in Mally ownership. Luckily, the registered breeder is a staunch supporter of the work we do, as she received an email recently from Sean & Lisa to say that they would no longer be able to take a pup from the upcoming planned litter. Diva & Dynamo had made themselves so much at home that Sean & Lisa couldn't imagine them leaving. So with much joy, we announce that our beautiful brother and sister duo are home for good, where they have their new Mum & Dad wrapped around their little (?) paws.

Happy furrytail ending, Diva & Dynamo!EndFragment

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