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MAKITA has found her furrytail ending!

We knew that Makita was adorable, but not even we had any idea just how much she could get away with! Soon after going on trial, we were mortified to see a video on Instagram of Makita making herself right at home. (Feel free to tag us in your photos/videos by the way #shamroq or #shamroqinc) You see, our little Miss had been left inside to relax in comfort for her first home alone - because she's such a good girl and ever so trustworthy (or so we thought!). However, it seems that she was of the opinion that her new parents, Caitlin & Dylan, really should do something about those floral curtains. 'Ugh, soooooo yesterday', thought Makita...and decided to shred them into itty-bitty pieces. The video consists of Caitlin asking (very calmly, we might add!), "Did you eat the curtain, Kita?" and a certain little monkey looking extremely pleased with herself!

And don't think that having one eye affects her Husky speed and prey drive. There's a stray cat out there who is lucky to be alive today after having been pulled from the jaws of the Cyclops! So, we very gingerly asked (and braced ourselves for the answer) if the two week trial had been a success and we could formalise Makita's adoption. Caitlin's answer: 'Unlike curtains, Kita can't be easily replaced, We are so in love with her! Of course we are beyond happy to welcome her into having a forever home'. Seriously, could we ask for anything more? Makita is obviously exactly where she's meant to be. Our heartfelt thanks go to wonderful Angie & Jake, who looked after our little munchkin for the months she was in foster care. To her sponsors, the Kuhn family and Michelle...we are very, very grateful for the help you've given also.

Happy furrytail ending, Makita!

If you’ve ever watched Futurama, you may be thinking that I look familiar. Leela’s character was actually a mutant Cyclops, but me…I was born with two eyes. When I was a puppy, some seriously rough play with a bigger dog resulted in it…um…popping out. So please don’t be taken aback by my appearance. Just pretend that I’m winking at you! Being amongst the family is one of my favourite things ever. Yep, being in your presence, just hanging out makes me feel content and happy. I prefer to be inside the house where you are, but I’m OK outside for some time each day too, where you should have a minimum of 5ft high fences to keep me safe and secure.

In my previous home, I lived with a big brother – an older male Husky. If my new family has another dog already, he or she should be medium-to-large in size, non-reactive and preferably a fellow Northern type breed. (Yeah, I'm a bit of a breed snob!)

Cats and small dogs need not apply. Carefuly introductions and supervision will be required with other dogs while we’re getting to know each other. I can initially be a little growly with them, just because I feel like I’m at a bit of a disadvantage not being able to see on one side. To give you an idea though, it took me the best part of a week to settle in and get comfortable with the Husky boy in my foster home, but now we’re the best of friends! Alternatively, I could be happy as the only dog in your household if there’s someone home more often than not. I’ve lived with kids before, but slightly older ones would be best. Because I don’t have any vision on my left, I can be startled if a little one approaches me from that side. I’m not keen on my tail being touched much either, so kids in my new home should be old enough to understand these things. Also, I’m scared of large objects like the broom, mop, vacuum and rake. This may be because these things have been used against me before. Mind you, I might just have an aversion to housework. I love my daily walks, playtime and cuddles.

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