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PHOENIX has found hers furrytail ending!

For a girl who had found herself in a less-than-ideal home prior to being rescued, Miss Phoenix certainly had an outpouring of love coming her way when we published her adoption profile. Within mere minutes of it going up on the page, a huge amount of people had contacted us to express interest in adopting her! However, there could only be one family chosen to take her home.... We are ecstatic to announce that Simon, Elisha & Scarlett and their Husky boy, Thor are the lucky ones to welcome her into the fold. They were all devastated when they lost Thor's sister, Koda very suddenly a few months ago. Phoenix has helped to heal their hearts, especially Thor's, now that he once again has someone to be both his playmate and snugglebuddy.

Phoenix's journey to happiness would not have been possible without her foster family, so we thank Sarah, Richard & the kids for swooping in and saving the day. Our foster dogs are incredibly fortunate to spend time in a home such as theirs, where love, compassion and laughter are bountiful.

Elisha tells us that even after only two weeks together, they could not imagine life without Phoenix and that she's the perfect addition to their family. It makes our hearts sing to see her being treasured for the amazing dog that she is.

Happy furrytail ending, Phoenix!

Named after the mythical bird who rose from the ashes, I too am ready for a new life after leaving the past behind where it belongs. No more will I be ignored or discarded, as I know that a family is somewhere out there, just waiting to value me for the little treasure that I am. If you haven’t had a Husky before, right here with me might be a good place to start. Unlike my many Houdini brothers and sisters, I’m not intent on leaving the property as soon as you turn your back. I don’t jump or dig and have previously lived within 4ft fences. Mind you, although I’m content to be outside for short periods, I prefer to be inside the house where the people are anyway.

You see, people make my world go ‘round. Friendly and affectionate, I can usually be found sitting amongst the humans and smooching up for cuddles. Truth be told, I have an eye for men in particular and flirt madly for their attention.

I’ve met some children and enjoyed their company, though of course, as with all dogs, supervision is required. When I dream of my new home, I imagine a nice family with some kids and another dog. I’m a social butterfly at the dog park and love to play, but I haven’t met any small dogs in my travels, so I’m unsure whether they’d be good playmates or not. Cats and pocket pets make my nose twitch with excitement and I admit that I’ve salivated just thinking about my foster Mum’s guinea pigs…the temptation would be too much to resist were they within my reach. One to two walks a day will be sufficient to keep me happy and healthy. I love that going for walks is something that you and I can share together, meaning that I get to spend even more time by your side. Adventures in the car are exciting too, but be sure to keep me safely restrained, otherwise you may find it difficult to drive with a furry lump of love sitting in your lap. I just can’t resist the opportunity for a cuddle. I know the commands of sit and stay and I live to please you, especially if it means a reward by way of a tasty treat or a pat and praise.

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