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STORM has found his furrytail ending!

Despite living in the Northern Territory, Christine had been keeping a close eye on our page since SHAMROQ first launched. After losing her beloved 15 year old dog, Buck, she wasn't sure whether there was another Husky out there that would fit in with her remaining 2 dogs.

17 year old Lolly is a miniscule Silky Terrier and he has doggy dementia. Lulu the little Terrier hadn't accepted any other dog into their home in the 18 months since Buck passed away. Buck was certainly going to be a hard act to follow. Add into the equation that Christine is a foster Mum to human kids (often of the teeny-tiny variety) and it was clear that if we were going to send a dog to Christine 3000+ kms away, it was going to need to be very special indeed - bombproof even!

Enter Storm.

Christine fell for him straightaway as he ticked the boxes of being friendly to small dogs and he also had previously lived in a family environment with children with special needs. It was a nervous wait to find out whether we were right about him fitting into her house-hold. Let's just say that we needn't have worried!

Although our adoption trials are two weeks long, Christine knew in half that time that Storm was there to stay. She tells us that he's 'everything written in his profile and more'. He's gentle with her gorgeous little 2 year old foster child. He's not bothered by Lolly; and Lulu has not only accepted him, but they spend all day together. Christine tells us that he's fit in perfectly, and that she's really enjoying his company and conversations. She says "He makes me smile and I just love having him here with me". What more could we ask for?

Thank you to Samantha and her family for fostering Storm. We know that it was difficult to let him go, but what a lovely introduction to fostering he was for you all. Thank you also to generous sponsors, Sonya & Chris.

Happy furrytail ending, Storm!

Would you like to hear something ironic? My name is Storm…and well, I don’t like storms! I cope just fine if I’m snuggled up inside with you though. That’s really my ideal spot, to be honest. I prefer to be inside the house (I’m impeccably housetrained, of course) but I’ll happily stay outside when required too. I’m not a high-maintenance boy. My only need is to be loved. Kisses, cuddles and pats…I’ll happily lap up as much as you can give. I adore being brushed and will sit for hours if you let me. Although I prefer adult company, I’m friendly and kind towards children, as there were four in my previous home, including some with special needs, with whom I was very gentle. I’m not sure that I’d be as gentle with cats and other pocket pets, but kids are just fine :).

My nature is generally happy, but raised voices, sticks or brooms will make me cower and hide. I'm not shy once you bring out the lead though! Don’t be fooled into thinking that I’m a slowpoke, just because of my age. I love to walk and am quite strong on-lead. Half an hour’s walk a day keeps me fit and happy, but on those rainy days when we’re stuck at home, I won’t kick up a fuss. I just want to be around you, so my idea of heaven will be to lie adoringly at your feet instead. I’ll need 5ft fences to be kept safe and secure in your yard.

I’m dog-friendly but unlike most Huskies, I’m actually most comfortable with small to medium sized friends. Typical Husky play confuses me and I find all that jumping, pushing and biteyface quite frightening, so I tend to run away and hide. My style of play is to gently chase and be chased and I enjoy doing this at the dog park with others that aren’t so rough. Small to medium dogs that aren’t too overwhelming would be my best match or perhaps a fellow senior Husky or Malamute that is a bit more sedate than the young ones. I actually came into care with a 4 year old female Husky, so if you’re looking to adopt a bonded pair, please enquire with the SHAMROQ folk about Makita also. Because I’m used to having doggy company, I’ll need another dog in my new home to stop me from getting lonely or distressed. However, if you work from home or are a stay-at-home Mum or Dad, I may be content to hang out just with you. I do like car rides, so feel free to let me tag along on your adventures!

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