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KEISHA has found her furrytail ending!

Our goofy tomboy is living the dream down at Yamba with her new Dad, Mike and cheeky Mally brother, Thor. Mike tells us that the two dogs have bonded beautifully and play all day and that Keisha is just a really lovely girl. Of course, we already knew that! Our thanks go to Robert & Lisa, who fostered Keisha during her time with us.

Happy furrytail ending, Keisha!

If you’re checking me out & thinking, “Wow, he’s a big, handsome boy!”…I have news for you. Whilst my size & rugged good looks often attract comment, I am, in fact, a girl. To be completely truthful, I’m a bit of a tomboy, but let me tell you some more about myself… Well, where do I start? You can probably tell just by looking at me that I’m a goofy, happy gal (with one of the biggest tongues you’ll ever encounter). I love to play & would be bored as an only dog. My new home will have a medium to large sized male buddy for me – one who enjoys running around, playing & games of paw-face. Please feed the two of us separately though, as I’m not keen on sharing.

Don’t be fooled by my bulk…as the song goes, “I like to move it, move it!” Therefore, I’d suit a strong, athletic owner or active family. The highlights of my day are walks & dog park visits & I even play footy! Despite having hip dysplasia, it doesn't slow me down in the least. Powerful & alert, I do tend to pull on-lead when we’re walking but I will settle down as I start to tire. Feeling the wind in my hair is just the best, so I like to get up some speed, but the same effect can be achieved with a ride in the car. Wind down the window a little & watch the smile spread over my face!

If you’re a sucker for Malamute chatter, I’m your girl. I’ll expressively tell you all about my day & ask you about yours as I love to talk. I adore people and live for cuddles, especially up on the bed! Though I would be fine in a family with children, they should be of primary school age or older as toddlers would be likely to be knocked over unintentionally. I haven’t had any exposure to cats, but I suspect they’d taste divine. Though I’m 5 years old, I still act like a big, exuberant puppy. The good news though is that I have lovely manners & more than basic obedience. A smart cookie, I pick new things up quickly. I enjoy toys & playing ball, but I don’t give the ball back easily! I’m an inside/outside dog, so it goes without saying that I’m housetrained. I will woo-woo to get your attention or stand or sit at the door to ask to be let out please. I’m a good girl & haven’t done any digging or jumping, but I’m quite tall so fences 5ft & over would be best. I have my favourite corner to sleep in, but when you’re not looking, I may sneak up on the couch for a little nanny-nap. Of course, you’ll probably let me get away with it because I’m just a bit cute!

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