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ROMAN has found his furrytail ending!

Well, well, well...look who's staying put with his foster family! Pam & Zane have done the most fantastic job with this boy. He had been bounced around and despite his sweet nature, just hadn't found the right people to call his own. He slotted in extremely easily with the Donalds and their pampered pooches.

​It hasn't always been an easy ride though. Roman had us very worried when he started having seizures, but with medication and the love of his family, he's the same bouncy Romi that we know and love. When Pam & Zane lost their darling grand old Malamute dame, Kaia recently, little Romi and his Husky bro, Hendrix grieved with them. Through multiple times of sadness and loss in the family, Roman has provided a furry shoulder to cry on.

Of course, the news is all good now with Romi having found where he was meant to be all along. And in just 12 days, more happiness is due to arrive with a bouncing baby brother of the hairless kind! Roman knew he was already home long before any of us did. Pam says, "We are so stoked to have this young man in our family, he was a blessing in disguise and we love him dearly." We're certain that the feeling is mutual and he is thrilled to be a member of the family officially at last.

Happy furrytail ending, Roman! got me! I was trying to be a quiet and sneaky ginger ninja but you caught me in the act. The act of being adorable, that is...ah well, since I've been busted, there's no point in being shy. Would you come over here and give me a little cuddle? I adooooooooore snuggles and pats. Despite my strikingly manly and handsome appearance, I'm under the impression that I'm a lap-dog and well, I'm a big softie, a loving sookybaby, a loyal shadow who just wants to be wherever you are.

​I'm housetrained and will need to be welcomed into your home. Prefer-ably your bed. Believe me, I will make a very good snugglebuddy in the cooler months. I'm very calm and relaxed (for my breed anyway!) Smart as a whip, I learn quickly and just need someone to commit to spending time and effort on me. A little stubborn (again, people, I'm a Husky...

it's all part of our charm), I can be motivated to sit, drop etc if you have a treat or two...or seven. A pleasure to walk, I have lovely on-lead manners. I'll need 30-40 minutes walk a day and/or a dog park visit, but a swim would be awesome too. I loooove the water!

I am social with other dogs and would prefer to go to a home with another dog (a fairly easygoing one) but if not, to a home where the humans are home more often than not. A little protective of my food, I'll need to be fed separately from other dogs. I play in typical Husky style and can be a little nippy, but there's no malice behind it. Cats, birds and other pocket pets, on the other hand, would be delicious treats to train me with. Yum!

Although I’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy, daily medication keeps my seizures at bay. I have been known to dig out under fences, looking for company, so 5ft+ digproof fencing is a requirement for me to keep safe and secure. That's how I got my name you see...roamin'...Roman...get it? It's not that I'm naughty, I just don't like to be alone. It's kinda funny...I was found wandering by the pound with an electric shock collar still around my neck...just goes to show that if I'm really determined, I'll work out a way to leave. However, in foster care, where I have plenty of love and company and have been exercised sufficiently, I haven't stepped a foot outside the fenceline. See what I'm saying? Give me what I need and I'll be yours forever. My only real quirk is that high-pitched beeping upsets me - it reminds me of the awful noise that the collar made before I would get a shock. Apart from that, I am a happy, well-adjusted fellow who longs for a family to call my own. I have so much love all saved up and ready to lavish on a special lucky someone...could it be you?

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