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WHISKEY (now Misty) has found her furrytail ending!

We knew that we'd be inundated with applications for this young lady...but even we were surprised that the sheer volume actually crashed our inbox! Ian & Kelly were the lucky ones whose application was the perfect match for Whiskey's needs. Her new family have given her a new name to mark the start of her adventures with them, so Whiskey is now known as Misty. She andher big Malamute brother, Mac have quickly become inseparable.

Thanks must go to Bec & Dion who, despite it being their first go at fostering, did a wonderful job of looking after her. And thank you also to Rhyanon for sponsoring her during her time with us.

​Happy furrytail ending, Misty!

Hi there, folks! I’m not sure why I was named after a stinky old drink…with my first birthday on the horizon next month, I’m way too young to be interested in moonshine. In fact, I suspect that I should have been called Shadow instead, because wherever you are, there I’ll be, trailing behind you adoringly. Human company is what rocks my world. If you’re home more often than not, that would be great. I prefer to be inside the house more than out…unless you’re outside too, of course! I’ve been raised in a family with children and would suit kids of primary school age and over. Although I get very excited around little people, I don’t jump up forcefully and I try not to be rough with them.

I’m a very sociable girl, but any dogs in my new home will need to be of the male variety. Although I play well with others, I have no issue with politely putting them in their place when I’ve had enough. In my previous home, I was raised with cats (that I was actually a little scared of), but I’d be open to living with yours with careful introduction and supervision. Being a pup still, I may have the basics when it comes to training, but would benefit from some more work on obedience. I’m a quick learner and being so human-focused means that I want to please you, so feel free to use that to your advantage! I’m a sweetheart who will do anything for a cuddle. I’m no couch potato though – I’ll require about an hour’s daily exercise to keep me content. Meeting my need to be active will minimise the likelihood of me looking for something of yours to chew! Your fencing should be a minimum of 5ft in height. I’ve also been known to dig under to explore once or twice in my previous home when I’ve been bored or lonely. I’ll admit to being a bit of a loudmouth, but generally it’s only in excitement when I see you first thing in the morning or when you come home from work in the evening. You can remedy the morning issue by letting me sleep inside the house so I’m not far away from you during the night. Voila… no noisy reunions to bother the neighbours in the wee hours. The evening welcome home…well, you could just stay home from work and snuggle with me. That’d work, right?

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