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EVEE has found her furrytail ending!

It's a stereotype that all dogs needing to be rehomed have had hard lives and neglectful, uncaring owners. While that is the case for many of the dogs who find themselves needing a new home, then there are the others like Evee, whose Mum loved her dearly - and still does.

Tragically, Lara broke her spine and was partially paralysed in a car accident. While Evee was one of the things in her life that kept her going, Lara came to the sad realisation that she could no longer meet the needs of her active little companion and that she needed a family who could. We can not imagine the agony involved in making that difficult and selfless decision.

​Enter Dani & family, who had known some heartache themselves, having recently lost their Husky girl, Nikia after almost 15 years. They had been keeping an eye on our page in

search of a dog that would get along with their cats, Chino & Elle. With cat-friendly Huskies being fairly rare in rescue though, they welcomed new little puppy, Meeka into their family instead. And then, Evee's beautiful face popped up in Dani's newsfeed and the rest is history. With Lara and her partner Shane's involvement, it was a unanimous decision that Dani's family was the right one. We are so grateful that they continue to make Lara & Shane a part of Evee's life. ​

Happy furrytail ending, Evee!

Have you ever noticed a common theme amongst the Disney princesses? Look at Ariel in the Little Mermaid, Elsa in Frozen, Merida in Brave and Rapunzel in Tangled…and you’ll find each of them is sweet, fiercely loyal, bubbly, enthusiastic, lionhearted and just a little bit goofy. If Disney is ever looking to branch out into furry princesses, I’m putting up my paw to be the one and only Princess Evee.

Every good fairytale has twists and turns, highs and lows and mine is no exception. Until recently, my life was filled with happiness, love and royal treatment. Then, 18 months ago, there was a terrible car accident and my human Mum broke her spine, leaving her partially paralysed and in constant pain. My Dad is finding it hard to cope with a full-time job, being Mum’s carer and giving me the time and attention I need as well. They both love me so much that seeing me unhappy and distressed by the change in circumstances at home means that the decision has been a painful one to let me go to someone else who can give me what I need.

​Shall I tell you a little about myself then? I wasn’t kidding when I made the princess analogy. I am my Mum & Dad’s baby and would certainly be shocked if anyone were to treat me like anything less.

I live mainly inside the house but like to come and go as I please. I have such a close bond to my people that I can suffer mild separation anxiety when I’m alone. To combat this, I’m crate-trained for those times that they can’t be around and I sleep inside my comfy little crate-den at night too. ​When I dream of my new home, I don’t necessarily see castles with turrets or moats (though servants would be nice). My new family will be active, breed-experienced, will have another medium-to-large dog and will include me in their day-to-day life. I love kids, so maybe some of those would be nice, primary school age or older. I’ve been spoiled with daily walks and dog park visits, not to mention outings to the beach, cafés and playdates at friends’ houses. Royalty such as myself has specific tastes when it comes to food too. Caviar perhaps? Actually, Hills prescription gastro-intestinal health kibble is what I eat. I gave myself a sensitive tummy when I ate some Nurofen last year. See? I really do think that I’m a person.

I have basic obedience, sitting and waiting for my food to be served. Being a treat-focused girl, I’ll sit, drop and shake in return for something tasty. I’ll need secure fencing of 5ft or higher. I’ve been known to dig under the fence to go and play with the dogs next door. I adore doing zoomies with other dogs, but I’m super-snuggly with people and I love belly pats. Having lived with cats, I’d be suitable for a home with kitties. Playful if the cat is playful, I’ll only chase if it is timid, though I’ve never hurt a feline friend. I can be a little excitable when meeting new people and may jump up initially, but I settle quickly. I would benefit from some further training. With typical Husky recall, I should not be allowed off-lead unless within the safety of a fenced area.

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