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BEAR has found his furrytail ending!

​Big goofy Bear and his has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed tongue have found themselves a permanent home with Rahul.

Happy furrytail ending, Bear!

Koala bears are too sleepy. Grizzly bears are too grumpy. Polar bears are too large. Teddy bears are too stuffed. If you want a friend for life, I'm just the kind of Bear you're looking for. A Mally Bear!

Still a big goofy pup, I have lots of enthusiasm and energy to play. I love my daily walks and play time with you in the back yard. Your attention is my reason for living and I'll do anything to clown around and make you smile. I've perfected the derpy Malamute head tilt on just the angle for my tongue to loll out the side of my mouth in the most lovable manner.

I've had basic obedience and understand when you tell me come, sit, stay, no and up. Charming to all I meet, I also know how to give paw. My foster Mum has been working with me on my food manners as I wolf my dinner down (pardon the pun). She's teaching me 'gentle' as I tend to snatch if you have something tasty in your hand. Being still a young fellow, I would love an owner who will expand on the foundation of training I have already. I pick things up quickly but just need to be reminded sometimes when this adolescent brain has a temporary lapse!

Quiet and loving, I'll need to be your one and only as I'm not friendly towards other pets. Any children in the house will need to be over 10 years old as I'm large and boisterous and tend to forget my size. Blessed with a pretty impressive leap, I'll require secure 6ft fencing. I have the typical Malamute trait of digging holes to sleep in and keep cool, but it hasn't ever crossed my mind to dig under the fence. I've been living outside at my foster home, so it isn't known whether I've been housetrained previously. However, I do adore being amongst people and soaking up all the love and cuddles possible, so it would be much appreciated if you were willing to let me come inside and be a treasured member of your family.

Bears may get a bad rap for scaring off little goldilocked trespassers and gatecrashing campsites, but I'm only interested in giving and receiving bear hugs.

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