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FANG has found his furrytail ending!

​When Wayne & Gigi signed up to be foster carers only three weeks ago, they may not have imagined that their fostering career would be so short-lived! It didn't take long before they realised that Wishbone and her son Fang would complete their little family permanently.

We are thrilled that this lovely furry pair finally have people to call their own, which is all they've ever wanted. We'd like to make special mention of Anna & Manu, who played a huge part in Fang & Wish's journey and helped two scrawny, neglected dogs blossom into the happy, healthy pair they are today.

Happy furrytail ending, Wishbone & Fang!

Hi, I'm Fang & I'm a bit of a Mama's boy. You see, Mum & I have always been together, so we can't be separated now. Her name is Wishbone, so please go & check her profile out too - we're definitely a package deal.

The road has been rocky for us so far as we've been let down by irresponsible owners time & time again. Where are the good people who will commit to loving us forever? All we had was each other, but after we were handed over in shocking condition, the lovely carers nursed us back to health. We are now ready to love & be loved.

While we escaped from our previous home a number of times, given sufficient interaction, love & exercise, we'll have no desire to go anywhere. Solid 6ft fencing will keep us safe & secure & daily exercise will keep us content. We're very excitable & strong on-lead, particularly for the initial ten minutes of our walk, but soon settle into an even pace. Keeping us active is important as Mum is prone to a little middle-age spread. She sure does love her food so she'll need your help to find a balance!

While we love the wind in our hair on our outings, we are happiest at home, relaxing inside the house with you. We adore the feeling of inclusion that comes along with being part of a family & must be allowed inside. Creatures of comfort, we are quiet, happy & relaxed when allowed to make ourselves at home & will snuggle happily nearby to you for hours. Our ideal home would be one where there is someone home more often than not. We adore cuddles but children in the family should be of at least school age. We are dog-friendly with medium to large sized dogs, but no cats, guinea pigs, birds etc please. We've tasted them all & can't decide which we like best. Basic obedience training was given to us once upon a time, but our last owners let this slip by the wayside. With some structure, guidance & love, we will regain our lovely manners. Mum can be stubborn & out of the two of us, she is definitely the boss (isn't it always the way?) but she would do well to have a boss of her own! All Mum & I want in life is to be together & cherished as part of someone's family forever. Throw in a comfy bed, some walks & car rides (we love adventures!) & our humans by our side & you'll have two very happy Huskies. We love each other very much, but there is room in our hearts for you too.

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