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ELLIE has found her furrytail ending!

Many rescue groups have criteria of breed-experienced homes only for their dogs. However, it begs the are you meant to actually get experience if no one will give you a chance? We like to encourage potential adopters who haven't yet had the opportunity to gain breed experience to have a go at fostering initially. This way they get to find out firsthand, with our support and guidance, whether the breed might be a good match for them. We find that one of two things usually happens - either they'll call us to let us know that this isn't at all what they thought it would be like when they watched Eight Below/Snow Dogs/Twilight/Game of Thrones...or more (much more!) commonly, they'll let us know that their foster dog has settled in so well that they'd like to adopt them. This was the case with Ellie.

Ben & Jayne had not had the pleasure of owning a Husky before and with a young family of 5 children, they wanted to be sure that this was the breed for them before making any long-term commitment. We matched them up with a dog in need of foster care and who we knew would be a good 'starter Husky'. Of course, Ellie was the perfect houseguest and they soon realised that she was meant to become a member of their family all along.

Happy furrytail ending, Ellie!

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