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Bi-eyed beauty, Kyra got as far as our Coming Attractions album, skipped making an appearance in the album titled Dogs For Adoption...and here she is sitting proudly in Furrytail Endings!

Kyra had a few behavioural issues that needed work before she could be made available for adoption. She was highly reactive to other dogs, suffered separation anxiety and resource-guarded her food. Working on these issues together, she and her foster Mum, Maria formed a very close bond. We think you can probably guess what happened next...

Perhaps seeing Kyra's professional glamour shots hit home to Maria that Kyra could soon be on her way to a new home. It was no surprise really when Maria confessed that she couldn't imagine letting Kyra go. We are thrilled that these two girls found each other. Maria was committed to helping Kyra over her behavioural hurdles and so was rewarded with a completely changed dog.

​Happy furrytail ending, Kyra!

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