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KODA has found his furrytail ending!

Congrats to big boy, Koda, and his new folks, Cherry & Rod on making up one very happy & complete little family!

Happy furrytail ending, Koda!

In the Sioux language, my name means ‘friend’, which couldn’t be more fitting for an amiable fellow like me. I’m here to extend my paw in friendship to you. Oh, who am I kidding? Friendship is awesome & all, but my one true desire is to be considered family.

Nothing makes me happier than feeling included. My dream is for an active person or family to come & sweep me off my paws so I can tag along on their road trips or adventures to the park or the beach. They'll see me as a valuable member of the household & allow me to come inside the house.

I have nice toilet manners and am used to sleeping inside, though a doggy door would be wonderful so I can come and go as I please.

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t need your constant attention & I’ll be fine while you go to work. After all, someone’s got to bring home the bacon! (Did someone say bacon? Mmmmmm.) Just be prepared for a very vocal welcome home though. I’m one of these guys who expresses his love openly, so you’ll never be in any doubt about where you stand with me. I’ll croon to you a love song about how much you were missed & how I feared that you were never coming back…whether you were gone all day or just popped down to the corner shop, my excitement on your return is the same.

Despite having been an only child previously, I’m dog-social & would welcome the opportunity to be part of a family that has an existing dog. When I see a potential canine buddy, I have only one thing on my mind…PLAY! My new friend will need to be a medium to large size female with enough energy to keep up with me….maybe even tire me out! I’m not aggressive to small dogs but in the frenzy of play, I tend to accidentally step on them. Oopsie. With typical goofy Malamute clumsiness, I can be boisterous, jumping up on people in excitement. For this reason, any children in my new home will need to be older, say 8+. I’d be mortified if I hurt any littlies unintentionally as my nature is sweet & gentle, but I do forget my size when I’m excited. I’ve been raised with cats & I don’t bother them, but I think chooks are finger-lickin’ good. I have basic obedience & already know the commands of come, sit & drop. In typical Malamute fashion, I respond to ‘come’ pretty well in a secure fenced area, but off-lead? Forget it. I won’t hear you calling my name because I’ll be halfway down the street & laughing my head off that you thought you could trust me off-lead. However, I’d be eager to learn other obedience tricks, as long as you have treats to tempt me with. Food is a big motivator for me & I feel pretty strongly about it, so I’ll need to be allowed to eat my meals in peace, separate from any other dogs or children. I haven’t jumped any fences but will still need a secure yard as in true Malamute style, I’ll check around the bottom of the fences for weak spots & will push out if adventure beckons.

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