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FRANKIE has found his furrytail ending!

Gee, we're not really sure whether Frankie's new Mum, Chloe is happy with her choice. What do you think?

"He's beautiful and so smart. I'm totally in love with him. Thank you so much for helping me connect with him. It's been such a good experience."

Good on you, Chloe. Thanks for giving our cheeky little tripod the gift of a forever home, not to mention a playbuddy in the form of handsome Bear the Golden Retriever.

Big thanks go to Frankie's carers, V, Nicole & Ross and to the Kuhn family for sponsoring our little three-legged firecracker while he was in care.

Happy furrytail ending, Frankie!

Zooooom!! Did you see the handsome sable blur that flashed past just a second ago? That was me - fast, huh? Bet you didn't even notice that I only have three legs. To be honest, I never even think about it myself, as it doesn't hinder me in any way. I was kicked pretty savagely in my back leg when I was just a little pup so the vet had to amputate. Being young and resilient though, I've adapted with no trouble at all. For goodness sake, don't feel sorry for me...I don't! Forget about a silly leg...check out my exotic caramel markings and chocolate brown eyes. I'm every bit as delicious as I sound!

Plucky, goofy, cheeky, happy-go-lucky, spirited and lively...I'm everything that you'd expect a puppy to be. My zest for life means that I love everything and everybody (though cats excite me to a dangerous kitty friends for me). My super-active blend of breeds means that I have energy to burn and without question need ​

another dog or dogs in my new home for endless games of chasey and good-natured Husky-style rough-housing. My new doggy friends need to be playful as like an annoying little brother, I'll bug them to play and play and then play some more. I adore kids but with my rowdy style of skidding and skating around obliviously, I'd be suited to slightly older children, say 8+.

Standard fencing is enough to keep me safe and secure as I don't jump over or dig under (though, like a typical pup, I've been known to dig a hole or two). My favourite place to be is inside the house anyway! Snuggling is my next favourite thing to do after playing and I just adore being wherever you are. My own pillow, preferably on your bed, would be just awesome thanks. I love to sleep in and recharge my batteries in readiness for another full day of non-stop fun.

Sitting still is boring, but when I do manage to focus, I'm actually a very fast learner. My foster Mum has taught me to recognise commands such as sit, wait for food (even though I squirm like a worm - patience isn't my strong suit), inside, outside, off, eat and er...'don't eat my bromeliads'! What can I say? They looked so beautiful that I just wanted to see if they tasted as good. Lucky that I'm so strikingly good-looking and affectionate - she couldn't stay mad.

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