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SASHA has found her furrytail ending!

We knew that it wouldn't take long for this pretty little miss to find where she was meant to be. She's now safely and happily snuggled up with new Dad, Paul and handsome Husky bro, Beau. Thank you to Brittney for looking after her.

Happy furrytail ending, Sasha!

Please open your Husky 101 textbook to chapter 1 for a case study…ME! I’m Sasha and & I’m here to teach you all about what you can expect when living with one of my beautiful breed. Now read along with me…

Huskies are active and require high-intensity daily exercise, such as a long walk or run. If our exercise needs are not being met, we may let you know with a display of undesirable behaviour. I personally find digging to be an effective way to remind my people when they’re not giving me the mental & physical stimulation I require. I’m not prone to jumping or climbing fences like many of my Siberian brothers & sisters, but boredom will see me go under the fence. I like hardy toys that keep me busy & also water – digging in my water bowl or playing in my kiddy pool.

Because of our high energy level, we can be boisterous & should be supervised around young children. Many dog-social Huskies, like myself, are playful regulars at the off-leash park…the fenced off-leash park, that is. We are notorious for our typically unreliable recall as the world at large beckons. Sure, we can be trotting along by your side ever-so-obediently when, oh look…a cat!!! We were bred to run at high speeds over long distances….were you? Let us off-lead in an unsecured area & you’ll find out just how arrogant it is to believe that you can outrun us. Speaking of cats, unless we grow up with them from puppyhood, we’re not usually friendly to them. Me, I haven’t met one face to face, but I imagine that they taste delicious. An intelligent breed, we are however famed for our stubborn nature & pick & choose when to obey. I know the basic commands of come, sit, down & bed, though I will selectively forget my manners when it suits me. Ongoing training is always a good idea for Huskies to channel their intelligence constructively, instead of using it to teach themselves to open doors, for example…(who, me?) I see a raised hand in the classroom…do you have a question? Ah, yes…it’s a common misconception, that one. We can see just fine, regardless of the colours of our eyes. We can have eyes the same colour, we can be bi-eyed which is having two different coloured eyes (like me) or be parti-eyed, where we have two different colours in one or both eyes. So I guess this brings us to the chapter on why you’d want a Husky then? Well, we do make the very best of companions as we’re usually human-orientated & like to be included in whatever you’re doing. As your sidekick, I’d love travelling in the car & also having a good chat. When you get home from work, I’d animatedly tell you all about my day. Typical of my breed, I adore human company & though I’ve been predominantly an outside dog, I like inside time too, so please feel free to housetrain me if you’d like an inside companion. Many people believe that Huskies are too bouncy to be inside dogs, but I’m strongly connected to people’s emotions & energies so if you’re calm, I’ll take my cues from you. Like all Huskies, I just want to be loved & treated like a valuable member of the family.

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