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DAKOTA has found her furrytail ending!

Plenty of people were hypnotised by her ice-blue eyes, but we needed applicants to understand that there is so much more to Dakota... The Robards family were amongst those initially drawn in by her looks, so we suggested fostering her to get some hands-on breed experience and find out what Husky ownership really involves. Seemingly, Dakota worked her magic and they decided that she was a good fit for their family! Thank you to Joe, Vanessa & Motley who fostered her prior.

Happy furrytail ending, Dakota!

Look into my are getting reach into your pocket and pull out a treat for me...and give me a pat. Just kidding! These eyes are pretty hypnotic, I'll admit, but try not to get distracted. I'm here to tell you all about myself and what I'm looking for in life. Don't be fooled by this dainty, teeny-tiny package. At only 16kg, I'm a pocket-rocket, a feisty little dynamo overflowing with strength and energy. An active owner who likes to get out and about and pound the pavement will be the one for me. I've done 8km jaunts with ease, but will be happy with shorter outings as well. I'll never turn down a walk and I'm happy to keep going for as long as you like. I do pull hard on the lead though, so feel free to hook me up to a scooter and let me do the hard work for you!

Fences of 5ft or higher without any gaps will be needed to keep me safe and secure. Or to be more accurate, to keep the tiny creatures of the neighbourhood safe. True to my breed, I find cats, chickens and other small animals tempting to the palate. I can be choosy about my doggy playmates and need them to be relaxed enough to let me be the diva of the household. However, I'd ideally be best as your one and only, so I can lap up all your attention myself.

Housetrained, I'm equally happy inside and out. Although I'm a typical Husky in many ways, I'm surprisingly good at doing what I'm told! With basic commands already mastered, I'd embrace any further training you'd like to give me.

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