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GYPSY has found her furrytail ending!

From the moment that the Gatica family laid eyes on Gypsy's photo, they were smitten..they said that she had the x-factor. We sat back and chuckled because, boy oh boy, if they thought this girl was special already, wait until they actually met her! No surprises then that they fell gosh-darn-head-over-heels for our beautiful Gypsygirl and didn't hesitate to make her an official member of the family. She's in her element now with 3 boys to dote on her - Dominic, Nico and Max the Staffy.Thank you to Gypsy's foster Dad, Ian for taking such good care of her.

Happy furrytail ending, Gypsy!

What do you think of when you hear 'Gypsy'? A mysterious, dark-haired temptress? A spirited nomad roaming the land? I guess you could say that both of these perceptions are accurate descriptions of me. I've been a wanderer in the past, climbing fences and exploring what the world has to offer. But do you know the one thing that will entice a Gypsy to put down roots in one spot and stay put? That's right...true love.

Sweet and soft in nature, I have an endless supply of adoration ready to be unleashed...and I'm not even fussy upon whom! I love people of all ages and I'm very social with other dogs, though I'm not sure that I'd get on with a cat. I have basic obedience including come, sit and shake and of course, I'm housetrained. I need a home where I'll be allowed inside the house with you - all the better to lavish you with love. I never hesitate to approach and nudge you for a pat or cuddle, knowing that all I have to do then is tilt my head and let my beautiful eyes do the work for me.

​Your fences will need to be devoid of any horizontal beams. It's no challenge for me to use those things as a springboard to boost myself over the fence and resume my old, adventurous ways. I'd like the company of another dog of a similar size to me please as I do love to play and chase. It's time for this Gypsy girl to settle down and find true love.

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