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HUNTER (now Noora) has found her furrytail ending!

We are thrilled to announce SHAMROQ's first official adoption! While the first two weeks of any adoption is a trial period, sometimes it becomes apparent sooner that a dog has found their forever family. And so it was with Hunter. When she met Amrita and her family, there was no question about their immediate connection. One week later, they knew that there was no point in c...ontinuing a trial...they wanted to make it official! This beautiful girl, previously only valued as breeding stock, has certainly become accustomed to life as the centre of attention in a wonderful, kind, breed-experienced family. She's come right out of her shell and claimed her rightful place as queen of the castle! To acknowledge this new beginning, the family has bestowed upon her another name. Considering that the meaning of Noora is 'light', we think that it's very fitting. Not only is she illuminating the lives of her new family after the loss of their previous beloved Malamute, there's a new light in her eyes too, with the knowledge that she is safe and loved. Congratulations to the Heyer family on their spectacular new addition and a heartfelt thank you to the Huntley family for fostering her. Furrytail ending #1 COMPLETE!!!! EndFragment

StartFragmentDon’t be fooled by my tomboy name…I’m a gloriously feminine GIRL! If anything, I should have been named Gemini as I have two beautifully distinct sides…one that is regal, calm & watchful and the other that is pure Mally goofiness. My previous owners valued me only for the litter of seven puppies I produced & with pockets still lined with the profits, rid themselves of me soon after. No hard feelings…in fact, I thank them for it as I now have the opportunity to be someone’s treasured family member instead of just a cash cow. Having not received a lot of affection in the past, I sure am making up for it! I adore pats, cuddles & kisses & am happiest lying across your feet like a 33kg furry blanket. I’ve quickly worked out that if I sidle up to you & bow my head, I can get the message across that I’d really like you to scratch behind my ears pleeeeeeeeeease… Despite having already been a Mum, you’d do well to remember that I’m only just coming out of the puppy stage myself. I’m young, enthusiastic, active & playful & due to this, I can forget my size & strength so would be best in families with children aged 7+. I will need exercise, interaction & stimulation to channel my youthful energy. I love my walks, but am strong on-lead – not surprising when my ancestors were bred for freighting heavy loads, of course! Toys, balls & the like don’t interest me much, but I enjoy a game of tug-o-war, where I get to show off my strength once again. Not a digger or jumper, I require only 5ft fencing. I can be choosy with my doggy buddies so will need to meet any existing dogs in your household first to make sure that I approve. Only large male dogs need apply. I have been in foster care as an only dog & this suits me well, provided that I get enough exercise, interaction & stimulation from the human members of the pack. No cats please, they give me heartburn. True to my breed, I can be talkative, especially at dinner time. Patience is a virtue apparently, but I haven’t learned it yet. Be warned that I will try to win you over with the ‘awwww’ factor…I’m the original Alaskan Malacute! I do this adorable half-sitting-wiggly-bum-dance while I’m waiting for treats. ‘Sit’ & ‘shake’ are in my current repertoire & I’m being housetrained with great results. Being such an intelligent breed, the sky is the limit as far as further training in my new home. My life has changed so much in the last couple of weeks. I’ve learned what it’s like to be loved & valued for more than my breeding potential. Now it’s time for me to pay it forward & teach someone else what it’s like to be loved unconditionally. Could that special someone be you? EndFragment

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