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HARRY has found his furrytail ending!

Happy furrytail ending, Harry!

You know what everyone needs in their life? Everyone needs to be able to talk about when they had a dog called Harry. Not Rover, Fido or Deefer, but Harry. Harry the Husky is even more noteworthy! Lucky for those of you who haven't had one yet, here I am looking for love in all the right places! Just because I'm looking for love though, doesn't mean that I'm desperate I can still afford to be a little choosy on just where this Harry makes his home.

When you think of Houdini, two other H words come to mind - Harry, which was the magician's first name and Husky, which is what a lot of our breed are known as due to our escape tactics. But don't be too scared because on the level of Houdininess from 1 to 10, I'd rate myself a solid 7. That translates to me needing a solid 6ft fence that I can't dig out under. A good way to keep me safe at home, which I'll advocate strongly for, is for me to be an inside dog and only head outside when you want to come out with me and play a bit or for toilet time.

Ideally, what I'm looking for is a home where one or more people are homebodies like me. Whether you work from home, are retured or just don't get out much doesn't matter to me, just as long as you're there with me lots. I've met kids and, while I can take them in small doses, I tend to get up and move away from them if they make too much noise or crowd me. A home with people teenage or older would be ideal. I do have some issues with loud noises and swinging items like broom sticks, so my people will need to be mindful of that and let me know everything is ok.

My interactions with other dogs have been quite hit and miss. I just can't decide who and what I like so have been living the lone wolf lifestyle. I've met some smaller dogs out and about and I don't mind being the bigger man. With careful introduction I may be able to live with a smaller dog who can hold their own, but definitely no cats!

Gotta keep the mind and body sharp, you know, and the best way to do that is to hit the pavement. I love my daily 4km walks and like to mix it up with some bush hikes and some suburban strolls. Maybe I'm just the motivation you need to get out there and enjoy life a little more!

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