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FIFI has found her furrytail ending!!

Well..what can we say about Fifi? She's more than a bit spesh, which might explain the length of her stay as a SHAMROQ kid. Like many dogs of the special variety that have come before her, she went into foster care with SHAMROQ co-founder, Nicole and her partner, Luke.

These guys are dedicated, persistent and frankly, completely it was no surprise that The Feefs fit in there pretty darn well and decided to stay. She officially joins the rest of the team: Sarge, Bazinga, Winta, Storm, Latte, Chilli, and Max (and current foster dog, Jack). Our thanks go to Fifi's sponsor and furry godmother, Jace.

Happy furrytail ending, Fifi!

If you heard someone say, ‘My dog’s name is Fifi’, you’d picture some little white yappy fluff ball, with a pink ribbon on each ear and a diamanté collar, wouldn’t you? Yeah Nah, this Fifi is pretty much the opposite to that mental picture you just created! This Fifi is the ultimate in Huskiness and not for the faint-hearted. But I promise what I dish out in challenge, I make up in love, loyalty and all-round fun! I have been a part of the SHAMROQ crew for a while now, but I think it is time that I find my very own Happy Ever After. The thing with me is, that I have a certain set of requirements that are quite particular. So, let’s list them out…. • The top of my list is fences. Due to my honed Husky skills in escapism, I am what they call a triple threat. I can dig, jump and climb! Clever huh. So I will need fences that are digproofed below ground underneath and no gaps to squeeze through. The fences should also be at least 6ft high with nothing like horizontal beams that I can use as a foot hold to climb with. An inward hanging shelf like type structure at the top of the fence makes for a good deterrent. I daresay dog park fences would be a piece of cake to me too! • Other dogs at home. So, it turns out I am pretty darn social. I will need at least one other medium plus sized dog to play with. Emphasis on the word play. My doggy mate should like zoomies, tug of war and wrestling, and not get mad at me if I wanna play lots and lots. I think that little dogs and other pocket pets like cats would be out of the question, for their own sake. • I will need human peeps that are around a fair bit. Since being in foster care, I have discovered inside living, and let me tell you, it’s the sh#t! So, I would never be able to go back to being a lawn ornament in someone’s yard. Due to my husky ways and new need to be close to my people, any kids should be teenage or older. • Patient dog-savvy peeps would be best for me, to kindly show me new things and teach me how to behave like a lady, well to some degree. Sudden movements and being grabbed without warning can frighten me so I need calm and reassuring experiences. • 3 more words – Treats, Toys, Play time! Those three things are non-negotiable! Well I’m pretty sure that gives you an idea of just what it is that I need. In return I can offer lots of loving, laughs and a lap dog that is a little bigger than what you would have liked! But you’ll get used to it, promise!

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