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LOKI has found his furrytail ending!

Happy furrytail ending, Loki!

There is always that one guy. Ladies, you know the one. Eyes that make you swoon and a face you just want to grab with both hands so you can kiss on the nose. One look and you are in love. But then you get to know them a little. They open their mouth and sometimes aren’t always the smartest one in the pack. They act a little cocky and make you shake your head. Funny thing is, you still love them, maybe a little bit more than before, even though now you don’t want to grab their face to kiss it, you want to shake them a little to get with the program…. Well peeps, if that person was in fact a dog, they would be Loki here!

Don’t get us wrong. He is what we call a lovable jerk. Emphasis on the lovable. Loki just loves people, especially those who are his very own. He needs to be where you are and won’t be real impressed about being locked outside. But don’t worry, he’ll be sure to let you know! Any people in the home should be school aged or older, only because our little man here is a bit of a typical jumpy Husky!

Car rides come in a close second to things at the top of Loki’s favourites list. You see there are people in cars and they also take you to fun places to walk and run. Walks are probably third on this list we speak of. No one likes to be alone, so the Lokester here would like another dog at home for company. This is where the jerk bit comes in. They should be medium sized or larger and match his love of Husky play. Loki isn’t backwards in coming forward so will need a dog who can understand his play initiation rituals and not be offended by a love bite on the ear which is meant to be the playtime signal. Jerks also like to steal food, so any other dogs in the house will need their own place for dinner and treat times, just to keep the peace! Small dogs, chickens and cats are on Loki’s no can do list unfortunately.

For those of you who know Huskies, you know that they can have some escape tendencies. Loki is no exception and his paws are his weapon of choice. Therefore, he will need fences of a minimum of 5ft and with concrete or another solid material buried underneath to prevent tunnelling adventures.

​Loki here is the epitome of the Husky breed. Cute, cheeky, lovable with a hint of challenging mixed in. It is what us Arctic people get addicted to!

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