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DOLTON (now Mochi) has found his furrytail ending!!

Anyone who has met Dolton can tell you that this kiddo is just perfection. We knew that there was a proportionately perfect family out there for him and when we met Ali, Mark, Kobe & Tuskyn, we knew that we had found them! Big thanks to Dolton's foster carer, Teresa and also to his previous carer, Cath. He's had a name change now to Mochi and has settled into his new family like he's always been there.

Happy furrytail ending, Mochi!

Hello friends!! You see everyone I meet is a friend, and if they aren’t it is only cos we haven’t met yet! I am a fairly simple young fella, and I live by these simple guidelines: People = Cuddles and loves! If I am gonna be happy in my new home, and I like to be happy lots, then I will need people who let me be inside and included as one of them. I have discovered sofas and cuddles in bed in the mornings and they are the best!!! My high energy levels may mean that I won’t be suitable for a home with small children, I would feel terrible if I accidentally knocked them over! Dogs = Play and play and play! I love other dogs, and am friendly with all that I meet. I slot into most homes pretty easy, as long as they accept me of course. They should be able to keep with my high energy levels and my love of typical husky play. Even if there is more than one other dog, that is even better! But they should be medium sized or larger so that my rough and tumble doesn’t accidentally hurt them. Water = Best fun ever! I might be pretty and white but show me a creek, beach or muddy puddle and I might get all kinds of coloured! But that just shows how much fun I can find in the smallest of things. That is how I like to live life all over really. As many walks and adventures that you can fit in our days, the better! Cats = Chase! Chickens = Walking food! I can’t be totally perfect and we all have our weaknesses and small furry animals just happen to be mine! So, you should have none of those in my new home. I have not shown any escape tendencies in my foster home, but they have both had 6ft secure fences. I think if yours are minimum 5ft with no large gaps to squeeze out of, then we should be right… All in all, it’s pretty simple, right? I am an uncomplicated young kid, just looking for my place in the world, and I reckon that if you can offer me what I have asked for, then I could fit in just about anywhere.

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