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SAFARI has found her furrytail ending!!

Finally! We get to welcome a new family into the SHAMROQ fold, as this is one of the very few cases recently where a foster family has actually managed NOT to keep the dog they're caring for haha! We're happy to announce that the Courtenay family has grown by one with the addition of Safari to their household. Thank you to the Robaldo family (you know you guys are going to foster-fail one of our dogs eventually, right?). As always, they have provided excellent care.

Happy furrytail ending, Safari!

You may think I was named after a wild adventure but nope, instead I am named after your Apple web browser that is known to be simplistic and minimalistic for fast and uninterrupted web surfing. How the hell does that equate to a canine individual you may ask? Let’s discuss…. I seek out and am very good at finding anything with a scent. Food, treats, bush turkeys, ducks, possums, the list goes on. I do so in record time also! Therefore, if you want me to do something, I will only do so with the most delicious of treats as payments and if there are any small animals in my reach, they likely won’t last there too long. Sorry kitty cats, that means you! Whilst I am user friendly and even the older and much younger generations can work with me, sometimes things are best left to the older kids and much older people might need some help. You see I am a young and bouncy girl with plenty of energy, so would be suited to home with an active family and any children school aged or older. Oh and when I say bouncy, I mean bouncy. Like not just jump around bouncy but I have discovered the trampoline and I like it! I won’t need a firewall to keep me safe and secure, but a fence 5ft plus with no large gaps underneath should do the trick. I am also quite picky on who I choose to play and live with. Dog-wise that is. I have lived with other female Huskies in the past and I felt they were inferior to my status (kinda like Chrome or Explorer in tech terms… get it?). I now live with an easy going large male dog, and whilst I refuse to share my food with him, he is otherwise acceptable as a companion. Therefore, if there are any other dogs in my new home, they will need to be male and happy to be my number 2. So you see, just like Apple’s Safari I am pretty easy to get along with if you are a happy go lucky family that involves me in everyday life. Press the right buttons and I will be just the perfect addition!

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