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TONKA has found his furrytail ending!!

We have been friends with Prue & Pete at Husky Journals - Tales and Adventures Downunder for many years now. Anyone who follows their page knows that they have a very, very large pack of happy, fulfilled dogs who not only help them conduct sled dog tours in their home state of Tasmania, but are valued members of the family. When they mentioned that our Tonka had caught their... eye, we knew that they could provide him with the Holy Grail of homes! Tonka has adapted to his new family seamlessly, after joining them on their sled racing tour of the mainland. He's been with them for a month now and is still living the gypsy life, travelling the country. He got to make his sled racing and Canicross debut and proved to be an absolute natural! Our little Honky Tonk has gone from lonely little pound dog to having 26 brothers and sisters. That's right. Twenty-six. Not a typo. He joins Pandora, Hunter, Lakota, Styx, Mieka, Wameeka, Phantom, Daytona, Kao, Bolt, Tigra, Lumi, Akirra, Lola, Lexington, Ruby, Paquita, Bumper, Beyla, Zippa, Ishka, Riddle, Maybelle, Cozi, Zarli & Kluso. Tonka's happily ever after would not have been possible without the amazing Halliwell family. We know that it was incredibly hard for them to part with the boy that they had grown to love so much during their time as his foster people. However, we also know that they are watching the Husky Journals page and are thrilled by every update on their precious boy. Happy furrytail ending, TonkaEndFragment

Tonka trucks are built 'Tonka Tough!' They are legendary and known for their durability and adaptability and almost everyone had one as a kid! Well, it's not just yellow toy trucks that earn legendary status, you know. Young, adventurous Husky livewires can be just that too!

No-one welcomes a 1-year-old Husky into their lives without expecting fun & energy. And, yes, while that's very true of me, I also bring couch-cuddling and bed-warming ability to the party. For that reason, I'll need a home where I have access to both indoors for cuddling & company and outdoors for zoomies and tug-of-war. Inside the home should have a lounge that I'm allowed to snooze on and outside the home should have solid fences that are at least 6ft tall with no big gaps underneath.

Tug-of-war can't be played solo so it's non-negotiable that my new home has at least one partner in crime.

I currently have a Husky foster sister who loves to play rough with me, but will also tell me when I'm getting out of line. She's the yin to my yang and just what this young lovable larrakin needs to help me be the best boy I can be. Any possible fur brothers or sisters should be medium to large in size as small dogs look like toys to me. Cats are a very big no-no too.

You may have picked up on the notion that I have energy and lots of it. I love a good early morning run, trips in the car to the dog park and walks with the family. I do forget my manners and can be a bit strong on the lead, so I'm not suitable for any young children or older families. Sledding families looking for another team member should check me out. I'll need a family who can keep up with my exercise regime and also offer me other things like enrichment toys or suitable doggy day care if they leave me alone a lot during the day.

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