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SOOK has found her furrytail ending!!

We have a soft spot for the cheeky ones...and this gal has sass galore! Luckily for Sook, her foster carers also fell for her charms and decided that they couldn't part with her.

Matthew & Amy had already adopted their Malamute boy, Haku, from us so now they have a SHAMROQ double-whammy.

Happy furrytail ending, Sook!

Despite what they say, I am not a Sook!! Ok, I might whinge if I don't quite get my way but isn't that what toddlers do? Yep, that's right! I'm the equivalent of a toddler - a bratty, energetic tornado of a toddler. But also the equivalent of one you don't know how you lived without when I curl up in your lap and flash those brown puppy eyes.

The Husky in me gives me the legs of a Tigger with springs to help me leap high into the sky, so 6ft fences will be a must! They should also have no gaps underneath that might give me the idea of digging. This DNA also gives me limitless amounts of energy, so an active family is what I'll need. A good walk a day should keep me fit as a fiddle.

Although I love human interaction, I'll also need another dog at home, especially for when you go to that work place everyone keeps complaining about. If you all hate it so much, why do you all go there? Anyway, my doggy companion should be high energy and able to handle my rough housing.

I do listen when they tell me to quit it though. My partner in crime should ideally be another Arctic type, and male. For some reason I tend to have some breedist and sexist tendencies. perhaps that's the choosy Akita genes. There should definitely be no little dogs or other pocket pets in my new home, for their own safety.

Due to my oversized puppiness, I'll need a home with either no children or older ones that I can't accidentally knock over mid-zoomie. There will be bonus points for those homes that are happy to dish out the treats and have a never-ending toy box for me to choose from! Wanna be that home?

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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