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NERO has found his furrytail ending!!

On Christmas Eve, Nero trotted off to his new home with adoptive Mum, Kelly. What a lovely gift for both of them!

Now, of course we recommend that any prospective adopters research Huskies prior to considering adopting and Kelly certainly did do that. But it's a little bit like having a can read everything and feel completely confident, but really nothing can prepare you for living the reality hahaha!

So Nero ensured that Kelly had a baptism of fire when it came to Husky ownership. He tested the boundaries - both figuratively and literally - taking himself on some adventures (but not too far, since Kelly came home to him sitting on the front lawn!). But, bless her, Kelly persevered and she & Nero have come to an understanding. He has a lovely home now and he should stay there!

Big thanks to Nero's foster Mum, Chloe, for looking after him, to his sponsor, Nat, for her generous contributions and to forever Mum, Kelly, for not giving up at the first sign of trouble. You're truly a Husky Mum now!

Happy furrytail ending, Nero!

I am Nero, Emperor among canines and ruler of all things fluffy! Ok, maybe that's a little far-fetched but I'm very important, you know. I was shunned from my home and set free into the wild. It sounds sad, but actually it was the best thing that could've happened because now, here I am, and I can choose my destiny.

I rule with an iron paw, but also have a soft side. I choose to have a palace with a female medium sized dog to be my companion and play when I choose, yet also know their place and let me rest when I've had enough. Whilst I enjoy company, being royal means I do not have to share my goods. So please feed me separately from any other dogs to avoid mutiny. Any small animals like cats or birds are not welcome in my home and will be punished should they enter!

When it comes to hierarchy, I am a Husky after all so obedience is not something I practice often. I would enjoy to have humans who will be able to work around my flaws and teach me new things with the promise of treats and food! Food is the most valuable currency to me, however hugs, cuddles and walks are also highly regarded. I will require cuddles and reassurance in times when the Gods of Thunder are angered, and walks of 30 minutes or so a day will keep this royal physique in pristine condition.

Regardless of stature, Huskies will always be Huskies. We adore our palace, yet always have that yearning to explore further afield of the kingdom. Of course it is best that we do that together and secure fences of 6ft will prevent any solo adventures. Please also be careful with open doors and gates that my curiosity does not tempt me to sneak past you.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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