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SASKIA has found her furrytail ending!

This is the self-assured face of a girl who's confident that her foster family cannot resist her. This is the cheeky expression of a dog who knows that she's home for good. This is the one and only Saskia.

Those of you who've been with us for awhile will know the famous Hawkeye - a Malamute who we saved a few years back when he was in terrible condition and who went on to become a bit of a local celebrity! After a long journey getting him to a point where he was unrecognisable as the poor soul rescued from the pound, Hawkeye's foster parents, Bek & Yancy, realise that they just couldn't part with him. At the time, they already had a pretty little senior Husky named Zoe, who was Hawkeye's best bud.

Recently their world was shattered when Zoe gained her wings. Things just weren't the same and Hawkeye was feeling very down in the dumps. So Bek & Yancy asked us if we had any Husky girls that they could foster. The rest is history...Saskia moved in, Hawkeye perked up and Bek & Yancy got that old familiar feeling...yep, foster failure #2 was a done deal!!

Thank you to Saskia's previous foster carer, Jasmine, for nursing her through some health woes early on. Now she's a very mischievous young lady who has brightened Hawkeye's world.

Happy furrytail ending, Saskia!

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