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PIKACHU has found his furrytail ending!!

StartFragmentCongrats to Pika and his new Mum, Ilma. Seriously though, how could you not fall for this goofy face?

Happy furrytail ending, Pikachu!

StartFragmentEver seen a Pika before? They are a real thing and dam cute if I do say so myself. Kinda like one of those elusive Pikachus for all you hunters out there. Apt isn’t it? I am cute as button, buuttt a slightly bigger button than that lot. So yes, I am Pika. Pleased to meet you! I am pleased to meet everyone actually, human and canine friends alike. My current family has children ranging from 2 to 12 and they are my mates. That little one but topples over pretty easy so the big people have to watch to make sure I don’t get too excited around him. I am an only dog at home, but at the dog park I chat to all of em. The small ones can have “little dog” syndrome so I like to tell em who top dog is. But we all get along once that it all worked out. At home if I were to choose a companion, I think a bigger one would be safer. I’ve not been around cats and other pocket pets, but I imagine they may be bad for my diet, so none of them. At home, I have always been an outdoors kind of guy. But I am sure if you let me in I could learn to hang out with you in front of the telly. Home is where my heart is, I have no need to expend too much energy to get out and wander, so secure fences of 4ft or higher will be enough to keep me safe and well. In saying that, I do enjoy a daily walk or trip to the dog park though, but no off lead in open areas, that goes without sayin’. EndFragment


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