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CAMILLA has found her furrytail ending!s

Have you guys noticed just how many foster-failures (or what we like to think of as foster-successes!) we facilitate here at SHAMROQ? Roughly half of all our dogs are adopted by their foster families. In fact, just amongst the homes of three admins on this page, we can count at least TEN foster-failures that we ourselves have happily succumbed to over the years!

When we sent Camilla into the capable hands of Michelle & Damion for foster care, we admit we hoped that she'd stay for good...for her benefit and for theirs. Both parties needed some healing and we thought they might just be able to help each other out.

Camilla was painfully thin and as black as the ace of spades when she was found. She needed a lot of TLC to blossom into the beautiful dog that we knew she was meant to be.

Damion, Michelle & their Mally, Bear, were still grieving the sudden loss of of their Mal girl, Keisha. Whilst of course no-one could replace Keisha in their hearts, we knew that they had so much love to lavish on someone who needed it. We think Keisha may have had a hand (a paw?) in sending Cami their way.

So, a very big thank you to them for nurturing sweet Cami and helping her get better and congratulations on making her an official part of the family.

Happy furrytail ending, Camilla!

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