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SHEEBA has found her furrytail ending!

Congratulations to Janelle & family on their gorgeous new addition.

Happy furrytail ending, Sheeba!

I'm retirement home shopping!!! Being in my golden years, it's time that I move into my very own Doggy Twilight Shores. I will need some human mates as company also, sop what do you think??

I have lived my life as a spinster, which has suited me just fine - it's been all about me! I have met other dogs out and about and once had to puppysit a youngster, so if I have to share in my new home, we can discuss that option. People-wise, I am slowing down a little, but still enjoy their company. My big paws and strength will be a bit much for the real littlies or elderly, but everyone else would be welcome to share my home.

My love has always been of the outdoors. I have been an outside dog until now, But I'm sure I could live to learn the creature comforts of inside my new home.

may be getting on a little bit, but I still have plenty of things to see and experience. My favourite thing in the world is to be on the back of the ute (secured, of course) and feel the wind ruffle through my coat as we head off to the beach or the park for a 30 minute stroll or so.

I don't need my new retirement hone to have all the bells and whistles - just a comfortable spot to sleep and a family to enjoy my days with. Fence-wise, I have never been bothered with escaping, so a secure fence of 4ft or higher will suit me just fine.

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