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NACHO has found his furrytail ending!

We admit to falling in love at first sight with this darling gentle boy. Just look at him with his paws crossed while he's all folded up to fit into 'his' chair! Nacho's velvety, floppy ears aren't the only thing soft about him. His nature is so sweet, we still can't imagine how anyone could have left him unclaimed at the pound.

Jason & Amelia kindly offered to foster him 'just temporarily' until we could find another foster home. Then they contacted us and said that actually, since he was such a great dog and was getting along so well with their German Shepherd, they'd be happy to continue fostering him until he was adopted.

Finally, they admitted defeat. It seems that Nacho was already home! We think he planned it all along and just waited for Jason & Amelia to fall for his sneaky charms.

Happy furrytail ending, Nacho!

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