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BUDDY has found his furrytail ending!

#3 foster failure for June is the happiest one of all! Buddy has been with us since January 2015 and had unfortunately been through a number of foster homes due to his love of adventure. This kid was determined to see the outside world at whatever cost! He recently landed with Krisna and her family who luckily have a yard like Fort Knox...Buddy had met his match! It didn't... take too long for them to fall for his cheeky charms and decide that he should stick around for good to keep them and their Beagle x Kelpie, Roxy company. Thank you to ALL the foster families who had Buddy as a guest! And also thank you to Sonya & Chris, his sponsors, for their generosity.

Happy furrytail ending, Buddy!

StartFragmentBuddy here, in every sense of the word. It’s my name, but it’s also my nature. Social as a butterfly, but heaps more fun, and maybe a little more boisterous. I love people, all of em. Big ones, little ones, they all got hands to pat me and laps to sit in, so that is all the criteria I need. I have been around little people and toddlers and have been quite the gentleman, but as with any dog and small children, supervision is the key. Other dogs are fun too, but they have to be able to keep up with me and tolerate my husky rough housing ways. I love to play and barge, what boy doesn’t! So my doggy housemate should be my sized or larger. I have endless energy to burn, so daily walks or runs are a must, you’ll be glad you did believe me! The other things that wear me out are enrichment toys like Kongs and food puzzles. They keep my active mind ticking and give me food at the end – score! Food is one of my favourite things ever, that and attention from my people. So if there is another dog around, it is best that we are fed separately. I care, but not enough to share! On that topic, treats are a great motivator for me and help in training. In foster care, I am learning to behave inside the home and I know sit and wait for dinner. The possibilities are endless though. When I think about what kind of home I would like, I imagine a happy family with people that are home lots and make me a part of the team. They are people that wouldn’t dare go out on a weekend without taking me along for a car ride and let me choose what we watch on telly at night. Maybe a Mum that is home during the day with some kids or another dog to play with. The other things this family must have is digproof fencing and secure gates. Yeah ok I may or may not have taken myself on adventures before. Who hasn’t snuck out of home once or twice via way of a freshly dug tunnel? Fences that are concreted underneath with spoil my fun though. I am an under kind of guy, going over is all too hard if the fences are 5ft or higher. My new peeps should also not be cat people either. It is definitely Team Dog in this case.EndFragment


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