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SAMPSON has found his furrytail ending!

Our very own canine version of Gene Simmons has made himself right at home with the Telaroli family. This one is special as he wormed his little way into my heart as my foster kid, and I wasn't going to let him go to just anyone.

Happy furrytail ending, Sampson!


Sometimes we need reminders of all the great things in our everyday lives and they say we should write a Gratitude List. So in no particular order, here are mine. (OK the first one may be my favourite….) FOOD – Food, glorious food! I will just about do anything for a tasty treat! Treats are magic and they make me sit, drop and shake just to get a taste! Dinner is my favourite time of day and I will dance with excitement. Foster mum is teaching me some meal time manners and feeding me out of a slow bowl so I am learning to ease up and savour it! I love my food so much that sometimes I forget my manners and do not want to share. So it’s best if I have my own space for dinner and treats away from other dogs and children.

FAMILY – The SHAMROQ family have taken me in on my quest to find a new family of my very own. I love all people and just want to be with you. I am big and boisterous and sometimes forget my size, so probably best that any children in my new family are 10 or older.

I enjoy sleeping outside at night, but foster mum has been showing me how nice it is to come inside and have some family time here and there. I would love if it you were home lots to spend time with me, but it’s ok if you can’t be. If that is the case then I would love a medium to large sized playful doggy sister. I’m not sure I could be trusted with pocket pets though, they may accidentally come under the first entry on this gratitude list. THE GREAT OUTDOORS – Walks, I love walks!! They are sooooo much fun. I love going new places and sniffing out new things. I will be a bit excited to start with and pull towards all those new smells, but I settle into the walk pretty soon, so we can both enjoy it. I like to spend time out in my yard at home. So that I don’t take myself wandering, you will need to have secure fences that are 5ft plus. I am currently happy inside 5ft pool fencing and haven’t tried to dig or climb. TOYS – Toys are the best. The bouncy balls and the ones you can hide treats in are my favourite! I just want to play and play and play…. If I am home alone, then maybe you would like to get me some of those Kongs or enrichment toys. I will entertain myself for hours. But remember, I probably won’t want to share, so only if I am on my own…… So you see, I am a pretty simple and happily pleased kinda guy. What are you thankful for? I think if you are looking for a new furry family member, you will be thankful you stumbled across me!!!!

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