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COOPER has found his furrytail ending!

Not all of our furrytail endings are simple, straightforward things. Cooper has been in our care for 12 months and was never formally advertised for adoption. Why? Well, soon after we rescued Cooper from the pound, our vets discovered that he had juvenile cataracts in both eyes. Although he was only 18 months old, we were told that Cooper would be likely to lose his si...ght if he didn't have surgery. Because it affected both eyes, we would need to have one eye operated on and then wait out his full recovery, at which time the other eye could be fixed. The SHAMROQ team are committed to making sure that our furry treasures get whatever it is that they need, so there was absolutely no question about what we would do. Cooper's medical journey was long and arduous and even with a generous rescue discount, his many specialist appointments, surgeries and extended aftercare racked up a bill of more than 10 times his adoption fee! All of this was well worth it to save his sight and we have a very happy, healthy boy to show for it. Thank you to the Manly Road Vet Hospital for their exceptional care of Cooper. It's unsurprising that after going through all of this with Cooper, his foster parents, Ravi & Isabelle, applied to adopt him. We couldn't imagine a better home for him, so we were delighted to approve their application so they could officially be recognised as his forever family.

Happy furrytail ending, Cooper!EndFragment

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