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MALAKAI has found his furrytail ending!

What is a foster family to do when they've fallen head over heels for the sweet boy they've been looking after...but their own dog isn't as enthused? This was the dilemma facing the Heyer family, who just adored their foster boy, Malakai.

Imagine their delight when their friends, Kevin & Caroline, decided that they'd like to adopt him! With Malakai now living just around... the corner, the Heyers get to stay in touch and even have dibs on looking after him when his new Mum and Dad go away. We're grateful for the excellent level of care they've given him and also to the amazing Windchill Dog Gear for their sponsorship.

Happy furrytail ending, Malakai!



With a name meaning 'my messenger' or 'my angel', it's no surprise that I'm a sweet-natured cherub who loves to serenade you with melodies of love and adoration. My soft, gentle temperament means that you'll find me to be a friendly, loving teddy bear of a boy, with a good helping of endearing Malamute goofiness!

I make no secret of being people-focused and will excitably greet you when you grace me with your presence. After all, it's the highlight of my day. I'd do just fine as your one and only if you're home a fair bit, but I enjoy the company of other dogs too and would suit a medium to large female friend if you have one. Please feed us separately though, as I get a little nervous around sharing my food. I'm not a fussy eater and I love treats and chewy goodies, especially antlers! Speaking of food, there shouldn't be any tasty little creatures like cats or other pocket pets in the household, because they're just too tempting to my palate. Kids, on the other hand, are just fine. Being a playful, enthusiastic guy, I would suit children from about 7 years old upwards.

Although I have hip dysplasia, I don't let it get me down. My lovely vet, Dr Lucy, has started me on a course of Zydax injections, of which I'll probably need a couple each year. You can ask your vet about what this involves or speak to the girls at SHAMROQ and ask to be put in touch with Dr Lucy for a chat so she can fill you in. I sometimes need to be reminded not to overdo things when I get excited, otherwise my leg gets a little stiff. I may be prone to arthritis in the future, so please take care not to over-exercise me, let me jump or get too tubby. Right now though, I'm doing just fine.

I'm a good boy who has basic obedience and has mastered 'sit' and 'stay'. I'm ok with being outside at the times when you can't be there and thoughts of escape really don't enter my mind. Oh, how I adore it though when you're home and I get inside time with you! My idea of heaven is getting your attention, whether it be lying at (or on!) your feet or snuggling up on the couch with you, catching up on some TV. Like most Malamutes, I'm fairly convinced that I am, in fact, a human and therefore, should be allowed to hang out as one of the family as much as possible. I also have quite an eye for the ladies and will smooch up to them shamelessly!

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