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CODY has found his furrytail ending!

It's never too late for happily-ever-after. At the grand old age of 12, our darling Cody has found his forever home with Caroline and her family, including little bro, Fella, the Aussie Terrier x. Cody's sweet, gentle nature shone through and they all just fell head over heels for him. We must thank Tania, his foster Mum for the TLC she gave him while he was her houseguest.

Happy furrytail ending, Cody!

I know that you’re probably looking at me right now, scratching your head and wondering, ‘What IS that???’ Well, my friends, I’m the perfect example of a diamond in the rough. Though my looks are unusual, this is with good reason and if you scratch beneath the surface (not literally please!), you’ll find one of the most amazing dogs you could ever hope to meet. I was surrendered with my skin and coat in horrible condition – itchy, sore, patchy, matted – and I had clearly been kept on a chain. Although shaving a Husky coat is normally a definite no-no, it was unfortunately necessary in order to help my skin get better. My hair has been slow to start growing back, so I may need a coat this Winter, but most importantly, my health is now very good. In fact, since being rescued, I’ve been absolutely thriving.

For a fellow who has been through so much, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I may come with some behavioural baggage. Nope, absolutely not. My nature is just divine – you’d be lucky to have ever met a guy as sweet and easygoing as I am, let me tell you. I don’t have a mean bone in my body and am a complete gentleman with other dogs and with children. I haven’t met any cats or other pocket pets though. I’d make an excellent companion and would fit into a number of different types of households. While the photos may make me look small, I actually have a fairly large frame and big paws. But never fear, I won’t use my bulk to get over or under the fence, as I have no typical Husky tendencies to escape. I’m much too relaxed to yearn for adventures. I’m housetrained and understand basic commands. A pleasure to walk, I love a short daily jaunt with you, though nothing too strenuous at my age, you understand. You’ll need to meet me to realise what a striking creature I really am. These eyes have to be seen to be believed! However, it will be my calm, tolerant, dignified presence that will really blow you away.

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