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KALLI has found her furrytail ending!

Our little social butterfly has now fluttered her way into new Mum, Julia's heart. To Kalli's delight, she now has another rescued Husky sister, Marley for company. Big thanks to foster Mum, Melinda & family for taking such good care of her. ​

Happy furrytail ending, Kalli!

Come follow me if you want to see how a social butterfly spreads her beautiful wings and makes everyone fall under her spell! I'm Kalli and I adore making new friends. Would you like to be my friend?

I love people of all ages and I'm excellent company, whether it be on outings in the car, playdates at the dog park, a game for two with my favourite ball in the back yard or a trip to the hydrobath for a relaxing pamper session. It doesn’t matter where we go on our adventures…we’ll have fun because we’re together. Let’s go for a walk so I can show you my lovely lead manners.

​Well past the destructive puppy phase, but still active and lively, I’m at that perfect age where I already have a foundation of obedience training for you to build on. A quick learner, I know basic commands such as sit, come, shake, out and off. 5ft high fencing will be sufficient to keep me safe and secure, though due to my petite size, there should be no gaps that I could squeeze through.

​Cute as a button, I’m a dainty little lady with a tiny frame and mesmerising eyes, but my sweet and bubbly personality is where my real beauty lies. I’m dog-social and would prefer a canine playmate to keep me occupied. I haven’t met any cats, but considering my breed, I’d probably need to be reminded that they are friends, not food. I’m content inside the house or out, but have been known to sneak up on the couch for a snuggle. Happy to chat to you about my day, I’ll also happily listen to you vent about yours too.

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